Gift Planning

Inspired Giving ImagesSusan McLeish is a successful businesswoman who understands the bottom line: impact matters. The impact Pine Street is having on homelessness is significant, which is why Susan is committed to continuing her support through her estate.

"A home and a job provide a sense of purpose. They provide a grounding in your life that allows you to do more and to achieve greater things," she says.

Several years ago, Susan made the decision to name Pine Street Inn in her will, a provision known as a bequest. "A bequest demonstrates that you have taken the time to remember the organizations you care about and to carry forward your support. And it's flexible-it can be any amount, large or small," Susan says.

Another way Susan considered giving later in life was through what is called a beneficiary designation. Naming Pine Street Inn as the recipient of retirement plan assets or a life insurance policy is another way of making an impact.

"It's not always about the numbers. It is just one more way to give," Susan says. At Pine Street's Job Training Graduation last spring, Susan was moved as she saw trainees celebrating their accomplishment, taking steps forward on their path toward independence and self-sufficiency.

"I wish everyone could see the pride and joy in these people's faces," Susan says. "Supporting Pine Street Inn through a bequest is about supporting an organization that is meaningful to me. It is about doing something good, now and into the future."