Gift Planning

Shirley DriscollAt nearly 91 years of age, Shirley Driscoll is still striving to make the world a better place.

After a successful career as a physician researching women's health and a happy 62-year marriage, her beloved husband, John, passed away in 2011. Shirley then began the difficult process of moving forward in her life without him. One key area of focus for Shirley was ensuring that the charities they had cared for so deeply would continue to receive support after they were both gone.

"People who have lost their way in life have always touched my husband and me-always!" Shirley says. "I like to support programs that work and are needed."

During a visit to Pine Street Inn, Shirley toured the emergency shelter and one of the permanent supportive houses where individuals begin to "knit their lives back together," as Pine Street President Lyndia Downie describes it.

For Shirley, seeing these programs in action made a huge difference in her understanding of the value and impact of their support. Working with her financial advisor, Shirley then established a bequest for Pine Street Inn.

"It's so encouraging to be able to help so many people get back on their feet," Shirley says. "When I see so much good being done and so many lives being changed for the better, how can I not give?" Shirley has a special formula for making these decisions. "I give out of my heart," she says.

We return heartfelt thanks to you, Shirley, on behalf of all those whose lives will be better as a result of your generosity.


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